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~ Consulting Services ~

Ann is now offering private one-to-one consulting sessions by appointment, on avian behavior modification and training. Sessions include behavior observation, analysis and a plan of action to modify the behavior and training objectives.

Call Ann for more Information and Rates for Avian Consulting Services

Ann & Friend. The owl's name is Bao and she's an Asian Eagle Owl, the largest species of owls. Ann worked with Bao while training with Steve Martin at the Natural Encounters ranch in Winter Haven, Florida.


Just Arrived in our Nursery

2 Blue & Gold Macaws (Sorry, they're already sold)

1 GreenwingMacaw... (Sorry, it's already sold)

5 Congo African Greys

1 Female Eclectus .... (Sorry, it's already sold)

2 Peach Front Conures

2 Creamino Lovebirds

2 Black Headed Caiques . (Sorry, they're already sold)


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Large Breed Babies are eligible for our layaway program.



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